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Question connecting different gauge wires together?

I just replaced the burner receptacle for one of my surface burners on my stove. I noticed that it had 18 gauge wire while the existing wiring, which I needed to splice it to, was 16 gauge. The seller told me that it didn't present a problem. Can anyone tell me if that is true? I have my doubts seeing they have different resistance. I'm thinking that I might overload the new wire and cause a fire, or burnout the receptacle or burner unit.

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At first glance, 18 AWG sounds a bit small for a cooktop burner tap.

That said, however, taps are allowed to be smaller than normal branch circuit wire, so it is not necessarily unlikely that it would be appropriate. If the new burner is listed for the same voltage and current as the existing burners, then I think it would be fine.
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As L.P post stated, it should be O.K.As long as the replacement is manufactured by the same company as the old one {or a Co.authoirized to make replacements}.It may be that the new burner has a lower wattage output than the original, thus a smaller gauge wire.

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