Wiring Question


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Wiring Question

I have a generator with a 120/ 220V 4 prong twist lock outlet. I want to run a small room AC unit that has a 3 prong grounded receptacle, t-slot plug and runs on 220V. Is it possible to make a cable up to run this?


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If I understand your post correctly, your a/c has a 3-prong plug and you want to connect that to your generator which has a 4-prong receptacle. Photos would help.

You should just be able to obtain a matching 4-prong plug (from local electrical supplier or Home Depot) and replace the plug. Just be absolutely certain that you know which wires goto the which prongs on the old a/c plug.

You would connect the two hot leads and the ground to the corresponding terminals on the new plug. I do not believe there would be a connection to the grounded (neutral) prong--though perhaps others on this forum can advise whether it would be wise to attach the ground wire from the a/c to both the ground and neutral prongs of the new plug.

While the cable/new plug should work, that is not a guarantee that the generator would have enough capacity to run the a/c. You would need to check on this before attempting to connect it.
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I would not replace the plug on the air conditioner, unless I no longer planned to use the air conditioner anywhere else. I would make up a short cable to connect the two. You can buy the cable and the parts at either an electrical supply store or even most home centers.
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You should be able to buy the cable and plugs at an electrical supply. I don't know if HD will have them.

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