NEC Questions


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NEC Questions

I have a few observations in a newly wired house that passed rough-in inspection that I would like to verify prior to the application of sheet-rock, paneling, etc. I think the inspector missed some things.
1. If a duplex receptacle is switched, does it count in the 6’ / 12’ rule ?
2. Can overhead sink lights be on the small appliance (COUNTER) circuit, or should they instead be fed by another 20 amp circuit in the kitchen/dining/pantry area ?
3. An arc-fault protected bedroom circuit cannot end at a wall receptacle in a bathroom. Correct ?
4. Are hard wired smoke detectors required in all bedrooms
5. A basement lighting circuit cannot be fed from a circuit also serving a nook/dining area. Correct ?
Comments appreciated. Thanks.
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I will give them a shot. If I miss, hopefully someone will correct me.

1. Yes, I believe that a swithed recepticle can be counted as a properly spaced outlet.

2. No, lighting may not be on any of the small appliance circuits.

3. A bathroom recepticle must be GFCI protected. I suppose that it also can be AFCI protected. However, a bathroom recepticle cannot be on the same circuit as any other aree of the house except another bathroom recepticle or any circuit in this same bathroom.

4. Hardwired interconnected smoke detectors are required in each bedroom, outside all bedrooms, and on each level of the residence.

5. SUre. A lighting circuit in a dining room can serve the basement. Also, as long as a dining room has a small appliance circuit, it can have other circuits which can feed other areas of the house.
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As racraft said, lighting cannot be on the small appliance branch circuits. Just a minor point--a 15amp circuit would normally be fine for lighting, and the kitchen lights can be fed from a circuit that also feeds other rooms.
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1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Correct.
4. Not an electrical code, but yes.
5. Correct if you're talking about dining room receptacles. Incorrect if you're talking about dining room lighting.
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3. correct, adding that in Ontario Canada it is now code to place arc fault breaker for bedroom

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