Circuit Problems....


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Circuit Problems....

My sister & brother-in-law moved in to their "new" old Victorian last month and I said I'd install their new dishwasher for them, having done my own a few years ago and other minor electrical work in my own old Victorian. When we pulled the old one out to disconnect it, though, I found that the previous owner had split off the dishwasher's power supply cable to run 2 other connections- with no junction box, the splits are merely covered with electrical tape. First I thought "no big deal, I'll just add a junction box", assuming the connections were for the garbage disposal and its switch, but then we discovered that having the d/w's breaker (2 thin ones tied together) turned off also took out the outlet where the refrigerator should be and 2 other kitchen outlets, and the washer & dryer in the basement! Even with my limited electrical experience, I know the fridge, washer, & dryer should each have their own circuit and the most that should be combined with the d/w's is a garbage disposal- so I told them this was beyond me and they needed to call in an electrician. Unfortunately, due to a nearby town's recent major electrical problems taking up most of the local electricians' attention the soonest they can get someone to come out to their home is the end of September. So I was wondering if it was relatively safe to just follow my original plan as a temporary measure- put in a junction box where the d/w's cable is split, connect the cable to the d/w and turn the breaker back on- they won't use the d/w, but I'm sure I can't just cap the cable off and have it live with nowhere to go. That way they could at least do laundry instead of using my home as a laundromat until an electrician can come. The previous homeowners obviously used their appliances with this setup without burning the house down, so I figure it should be okay at least temporarily, but any advice would be much appreciated!
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At least put that mess in a junction box, and use wire nuts. What guage wire is it? What kind of breaker is this catastrophy on? Dryers usually run on 220 v 30 amp circuits.

Sounds like somebody got happy with the left-over wire from radio shack. I had similar problems when I rewired my house (yep, I finally bit the bullet). I'd recomend to the owners to rewire the kitchen and laundry room as it should be - dedicated circuits to each appliance. What's the service to the house? What does the panel look like? Is there a conversion?
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the d/w's breaker (2 thin ones tied together)
Only one of those two thin ones is the dishwasher breaker. That's two breakers, two circuits.

Of course this doesn't make it correct, perhaps just a bit less incorrect.

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