Switched Electrical Outlets - help in understanding

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Question Switched Electrical Outlets - help in understanding

OK, here is the project. I don't have any ceiling lights in many of the rooms in my house, but instead have switched electrial outlets. The project is simply to put in two ceiling lights, and wire them to the existing switch... Easy I though, until I looked at the current switch.

I figured that I would open my junction box where the switch was and find either one or two wire sets depending on where the switch ended up, and in the box, I figured I would see standard three wire set wires...

However, what I have is one black bundled wireset that has four wires. One, black, one white, one ground, and one RED... ? The white is wired to the other white wires in the box, and the black is wired at the bottom (hot end of the switch, the ground... well you know), and the red is wired at the top end of the switch..?

I'd like to know how this is setup? And if I can use that existing four wire set, and hook up the outlets in a normal fashion by somehow hooking up those wires, where they aren't in a switched config?


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Is there an attic above or an unfinished basement below the rooms in question? Can you get a cable from the switch box to were you want the light or from the switched receptacle to were you want the light? Once you answer those two questions we can try to help you out.
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Switched Eleectrial Oulets

Yes, there is an attic above. I also opened up one of the outlets just now. I 'think' I understand it..., but could still use some suggestions..

The White and Black appear to go the the 'top' of the outlet in question. The outlet then on the side with the black wiring, has the connection, bridged to the lower outlet. However the connection that comes into the other side, where the white wire is, does NOT bridge down to the connection below, but rather has the red wire there.... Thus competing the circuit..

So... I'm guessing that I need to find the 'center' of that wire in my attic, bring that in the the junction box where I'll be placing my light, and from there, use the piece that goes into the light switch as my connection to the lights, and then use the outbound piece from the lamp, bridging that connection to the electrical outlets. Then, I'll have to use a jumper wire at the outlet, to bridge my connection down to the lower outlet?


And just not worry about the red wire, just use the white and black, back at my switch. and remove the red wire from the outlet, and cap it.

Please let me know if this sounds right?

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Switched Electrical Outlets

I should have mentioned before... Even though I can get into the attic, the wires are to tight up there to possibly drop another connecection down into the box.

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