Additional 220V circuit?


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Additional 220V circuit?

I only have one 220V breaker in my breaker box for the dryer. It's not essential but I would like 220v in my garage.

I'm assuming running additional wires from the existing dryer breaker to the garage is not legal? I would have to have a pigtail come off the breaker and wire nut the original dryer circuit and the new one together.

They don't make skinny 220V breakers do they so I could double up?

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They do not make "skinny" breakers for 220.

They do make tandem breakers for 110. If your box allows them you can install two tandem breakers, freeing up two spaces for a circuit for your garage.

However, if your dryer circuit is not used, you can disconnect it in the panel and connect your garage circuit there.
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They do make skinny 20 brekers, They are generically called "quads", as opposed to twins.
They may be hard to find and using some twins to free up space might be a better option, IF your panel allows them.
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In my experience, the quad breakers are not hard to find at all.

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