30 amp circuit


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30 amp circuit

Good day, I am in the need of a 30 amp 115V circuit on the oppisite end of my house from the breaker box. I have a 50 amp 220V at the location but I didnt know if there was a way to drop one leg of the 220 or if I should run a complete new circuit. The 220 is used very seldom for a arc welder, and the 110 would be used to power a travel trailer (air conitioner ). I would not be useing both outlets at the same time. If I need to run a new circuit, It would be approx 100' from the breaker box would a 10/3 be larg enough?
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Using the 50 amp wiring, you could _probably_ install a sub panel with a 220V circuit for the arc welder and a 120V circuit for the travel trailer. Is the existing wire 3 conductor or 4?

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The 50-amp 240-volt circuit for the welder probably has no neutral. This is the kiss of death to your plan. Doug's question offers you the only glimmer of hope.

A 120-volt 30-amp circuit over 100 feet of #10 is safe, but the voltage drop will be hard on your air conditioner. I'd upgrade to #8. The good news is that you don't need 8/3; 8/2 is good enough.
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You cannot take one phase of the 240V 50A circuit and use it for a 120V 30A circuit since that 120V circuit would be protected at 50A. A subpanel is a possibility as long as you have 4 wires running to the arc welder. If you run a new circuit with 10/3 (why not use 10/2?), and you are going to need anything over 15A for the circuit, you will be above 3% on voltage drop.

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