Wiring multiple lights


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Cool Wiring multiple lights

Bathroom remodeling. I had one vanity light and now want to remove and add two seperate lights. The junction box has 2 cables. 2 black wires, 2 white wires and there is a ground. The old set up was white fixture wire to both white cable wires, black fixture wire to both black cable wires.

How do I now connect two lights with these wires?
Can I use the existing wires in the current junction box and connect to one new light fixture, then run cable to new box and wire to light?? but how.

I do have 14/2 romex waiting to be used, but not sure the correct connections.

thanks for the help...
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Is the old light wall-switch controlled, or controlled by a switch on the fixture itself?

If your description of the old wiring is correct, and if there is a wall switch that controls the light, then the switch must control more than just this one light. What else does it control? If you tell me nothing, then I'm going to challenge the accuracy of your wiring description.

Yes, you can run a new cable (14/2 if on a 15-amp breaker, or 12/2 if on a 20-amp breaker) from this box to a new box. Then mount one light on each box. All wires of the same color connect in each box.
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The old light is controlled by a wall switch, the wall switch also controls a bulb light over the toilet. Does this change anything?

If not, then it sound like what i can do is keep the 2 existing white wires together, add a new white wire from romex, then connect the white wire of new fixture to all 3 white cable wires. then do the same with the black wires.
The other end of the new romex would go to new junction box and connect to that new light fixtue.

Does this sound correct.

ps is there a limit to the number of wires that can be connect by one wire nut??
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Sounds like a good plan.

You may need to move up from a yellow wire nut to a red wire nut, depending on wire gauge.

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