garage drop cord


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garage drop cord

I have only 1 outlet in my garage. It is at the back of my garage. I moved my small workshop to the front of the garage. I put a drop cord along the wall of the garage to get power to the workbench. I used a 3 wire #12 drop cord. The only things I use are a workshop light with 2, 40 watt lamps. I will plug in a dremel tool or a battery charger (drill batteries) or maybe a low voltage soldering iron. I plug a power strip into the drop cord. The power strip has a breaker built into it. I turn the power strip off each time I leave the garage. This turns the lights and everything else off. Am I ok.
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In my view from what you have stated you are fine providing that if you have fuses on your main panel that you don't increase the fuse size. keep it at 15 amps. If you have breakers on your panel you probabley have a 15 amp breaker already. Providing this is adheared to you will be ok.

Also if you made the extension cord ensure that you wired the plugs correctly. Black wire to the brass coloured screw white wire to silver screw and green wire to green screw.
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Functionally you can see it works. I will assume the 3 wire #12 is two insulated conductors and a ground (ground being bare or green insulated). Unfortunately, what you have done is used an extension cord for essentially a permanent installation. That is a code violation. The drop cord is exposed to damage in your shop area.

With that said, I have a factory made #12-2 extension cord (two insulated conductors + a ground) on the floor of my shop too, for access to power for tools not near the wall mounted receptacle.

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