More spa and GFCI questions


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More spa and GFCI questions

Here is the situation, I have a spa arriving next week that requires a 60 Amp, GFCI protected circuit. For wiring, I have 6 AWG THWN for use on all four wires (I know that I could use 8 or 10 for the ground). From the service panel (150 Amp GE outside) to the disconnect (mounted on the house) I am going through 3/4" EMT strapped to the house for a run of 20', out of the disconnect I use the 3/4" EMT then adapt to 3/4" NMC just about the ground, and run underground (~20" deep) about 6' to the spa.

I did pull a "hot tub" permit from the city, which covers the hot tub and electrical, so I want/need to do it right.

The question is, I really would like a 120V branch for some low voltage lights. I would like to keep things simple, with the least amount of hardware and conduit on the house. I would like a fairly narrow box if possible, as I will be mounting the disconnect box on the house and the location that I have to put it won't allow for very clean routing of the conduit if the box is very wide.
My options seem to be:
1. 60A GFCI breaker at the service panel with 60 Amp disconnect with GFCI outlet (made by GE, I assume I would need to run a separate 120V NM branch for outlet). This is the cheapest, but not my favorite option. I would probably have to go to 1" EMT to the disconnect for all the wires as well.
2. 60A breaker at service panel, 60 Amp "spa" panel (made by SBSG) with GFCI/contactor breaker. OK, but still no 120V option without more hardware.
3. Either of the above with a seperate circuit and outlet box for the 120V circuit.

If I needed a 50 Amp circuit only, there is a great product by Connecticut Electric that is small, has my preferred separate GFCI contactor and integrates a 15 amp breaker that would be perfect for the lights, etc. Problem is the contactor is only rated for 50 Amps.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I plan on buying the boxes/breakers in the next day or so to get it all together for inspection.

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Where are you located?
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CO Steve
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Arvada, CO

A suburb of Denver.
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Ok. because I purchased a cutler hamer 60 amp w/slots for 115v at home depot.

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