making or buying a specialized power cable - help needed


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making or buying a specialized power cable - help needed

I have a device that I bought without a power cord, a BK Precision 1820 Universal Frequency Counter. I had suspected it would use a standard computer power cable, the one you would use for a desktop computer. Unfortunately, it doesn't. However, the power cord intended for it is actually pretty close to the standard computer power cable. Also, the device does say on it that it wants "120 VAC 50/60 Hz 12 Watts". Well, standard line voltage is 120 volts, and 60 Hz. And it certainly can provide more than 12 Watts. So I'm contemplating making a custom power cable to fit this device. Basically a standard PC power cable lines up just right, so I would be probably just trying to modify one to fit this socket. I don't know a lot about this kind of electrical work, but it seems to me at first glance it should work.

Here's a pic of the power cable slot:

This is an old device and not very valuable, so I don't care much if I wreck it. I just want a cheap way to get power to it. If someone knows the type of power cable I should buy for this or an adapter, that's fine too.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate anything you can offer.
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Those pins look round. I don't think a computer cable will work properly. You could possibly take the socket out of an old PC supply and install it into the device.
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Have you considered checking with these folks?

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