220 Installation.


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220 Installation.


I am not planning to this myself. This is way over my head but I want to know if the contractors want to take advantage of this situation.

I bought a new pro table saw (Delta unisaw). It is 220 V 11 amps, one phase and this will require a 20 amps breaker. I want to install it in my garage. The breaker panel is in the opposite site of my house.

|----------| Panel outside of my house.

Next to my garage I have a 220 connection (utility room) that I don't use. My driyer is gas and I am not planning to have an electrical one.

I asked many electrical companies to bid for this contract and they did. One company with insurance and licensed bid for ti and told me I can use the 220 connection but I have to cancel the dryier outlet (That is ok) and change the breakers for the new table saw. This will save me some money in materials and labor. The bid is Aprox $240

The other company told me they are not confortable doing that because electrical code. They said the dryier connection is not industrial type and my table saw is Industrial type so they told me they have to run new wires and this will cost me $580.

Are they telling me the true?

What should I do? The first company is listed in the BBB not the second one.

I live in Houston, TX if this helps with the electrical codes.

Please help.
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I'd go with the first company. I have no idea what an "industrial type" connection might be, but it doesn't matter much because the first company is going to replace both the breaker and the receptacle, reusing only the cable. That sounds fine to me. The only concern would be if this is 80-year-old wiring and the insulation has deteriorated.
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#1 sounds fine to me as well. The table saw will not require a neutral so the cable no matter how old it is should have enough wires. Only 2 hots and a ground are required for your saw. I have no idea what an 'industrial type connection' would be.

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