got a 240 question

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got a 240 question

what all do i need to do in order to connect this older sauna?
it runs on 240 and my box is 100amp.
I will run a dedicated line but if you could share some info.
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Quite the vague post.

What does the sauna draw? 240 is fine but we need the watts, or KW, or amps. to determine what size wire. 240 volts is only half the equasion.
Is it 240 or 120/240? I have a feeling it's straight 240 volt.
How far is it from the panel?
How old is it? Is it UL listed?
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Man, that was
sorry for being so vague

"UL listed".
power input: 4.5kw 240volts
AGE:?? 10 to 15 yrs old but never used
20-25 feet from box

thanks for the help speedy
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after looking around a bit and thinking about this...
would anyone see a problem in just installing a 240 breaker in the 100amp box and just running 2 hot wires from the 240 breaker and 1 ground from the ground bar to the sauna???
lets say 12awg wire about 25-35 feet?
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Yes, there is a real problem with that. Saunas, spas and swimming pools have many regulations for their electrical hookup. These regulations include some or all of the following, plus more:

A disconnect located near the unit.
A separate convenience receptacle nearby.
GFCI protection.

Additional regulations cover grounding, the type of wiring that may be used, and much more.

I suggest that you research the regulations extensively before begining, speak with the codes inspector, and make sure that you have the work insoected upon completion.
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ok, thanks for the input.
only problem with that is I dont think I will get much help from inspectors in our area because up until june of 03 we did not have ANY!!
my whole house was built in 01 without 1 inspector or
the county just started a building inspectors office in june and man was there an uprising. (not by me but..) they only check new home construction, for now.
sorry that was off topic but in the sticks I dont think codes are my main problem
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Well since they just began an inspection dept. locally you should look to the county or state. As was posted saunas, pools, etc have alot of requirements. They are in place to keep people who use the equipment safe & alive and to keep you from liability. I would recommend calling a pro for this it definatley not a DIY job.
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ya, that was the county i was talking about.. we are not in city limits
but I will check the state though.

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