Another 2 meter question

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Another 2 meter question

Just found this site yesterday. Very informative! Thanks!

I'm in Michigan, new home owner, 1951 house with 2 meters. One meter is for interuptable service to the AC, has it's own small panel with 30amp breaker. Main meter connects to panel with 60amp main breaker that feeds rest of house. There is no one main breaker for both services.

How would you classify this? A 90 amp service? A 60 and a 30amp service?

If I upgraded the 60 amp panel to a 100amp panel, would the electric company view this as a 130amp service?
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If you upgrade the 60 to 100, I'd view it as 130-amp service. I'm curious--please tell us why it matters what it is called? Does your electric rate depend on it?
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Just curious... Why is your air conditioning on a diferent meter?

Do you get charged a different rate for electricity for your air conditioning?

Is the air conditioningshut off the same time(s) every day?

Can they remotely shut off your air conditioning(such as if they are in a peak demand period)?
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Detroit Edison gives me a better rate for being able to interupt my AC service for 15 minutes at a time during peak usage. Attached to the meter is a radio controlled interupt switch. Supposedly I save 20% on AC charges.

The reason I asked this question was out of curiosity of how to answer Edisons on line questionaire for service upgrade:

They ask: upgrading from___amps to ___amps. A call to Edison will be in order once I start the upgrade process. Just wondering ahead of time.

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