Is there room for a hottub?


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Is there room for a hottub?

I have a box that says it is a 100 amp system. First of all I have no more room for more breakers. I have a 50 amp, (2 each) 30 amp breakers with the rest filled with 10 amps. Can I buy some double 10s to make some room for a hot tub? And the hottub is labled with 24/40 amps, what does that mean and if I can do the doubles and make room for the tub? What size breaker do I need for the tub....24/40 amps?
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Your panel may or may not be able to accept tandem breakers. How many breakers does it already have?

Read the rest of the labal on the hot tub. I am guessing that it is either 120 or 240 volts, and the different current requirements are for the two different voltages.

My concern is that you are approaching the limit of your service. What is the 50 amp breaker for? What about the 30 amp breakers? You may not have enough incoming power for a hot tub.
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There is 20 slots in the box, the 50 is going to the dryer I think and the 30s are for airconditioning and stove. I can I tell if it will take tandems? The tub is 240 volts.
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I can I tell if it will take tandems?
Read every single word on the sticker on the inside of the panel. Also, tell us the manufacturer and model number of the panel.

To tell if you have capacity to add a hot tub, tell us:
  1. How many square feet is your house?
  2. Is your cooking gas or electric?
  3. Is your home heat gas or electric?
  4. Is your clothes dryer gas or electric?
  5. Is your water heater gas or electric?
  6. How many tons is your air conditioner?
  7. What numbers are written on the handle of your main breaker?
P.S. The 50 is not going to the dryer. It's probably for the air conditioner or stove. One of the 30s is for the dryer.

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