I need help on choosing the right transformer..


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Smile I need help on choosing the right transformer..

Hello! I have a 1hp airconditioner rated at 110volts. I'll be using this in my cabin in the woods that only have a generator as my power source. The generator has a capacity of 5000watts at 220volts. What rating of transformer do I have to buy for my airconditioner to work? I know that it would have to be a step-up transformer.
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Doesn't that generator also provide 110 volts?
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I failed to mention that I'm living in the Philippines and 220v is the normal voltage. The generator has an outlet for 110v but all other electrical appliances in the cabin runs on 220volts. It wouldnt be cost effective to run another line for my airconditioner.
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It would be more cost effective to purchase a new 220v air conditioner of the proper frequency (often 50hz).
A 5kVA stepdown transformer would be expensive. I don't think they are even made that small.

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