pulling wire


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pulling wire

I have an electrician who is coming to my house to help install new outlets and new wiring for my kitchen. I have already pulled out the basement ceiling that is directly underneath the kitchen as well as to the panel. He is going to drill all the holes to where the outlets will go, and snake the wire down to the basement. I will pull the wire to the panel from the outlets. I will not be hooking anything up and will only be doing the wire pulling. He will hook everything up. My question is there a certain way to correctly pull the wire to the panel? The ceiling joists go perpendicular to the direction the wire will be going in. Should i drill holes through the joists and pull the wire through there? Should there be separate holes for each wire (ie circuit) or can multiple wires go into each hole? I am putting in 2 20amp for the counters, 1 20 amp for the microwave, 1 15amp for the dishwasher. I will eventually tear out the whole ceiling and put sheetrock up so i know the wire at least has to be secure.

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Do not put more than two wires through any particular hole in the joists. Do not run more than two wires together. make your holes in the center of the joists, more or less.
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And if you drill multiple holes in the same joist, keep them at least three inches apart (edge to edge). And drill neither in the center of the span, nor close to a supported end.

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