Dryer Receptacle


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Dryer Receptacle

I am moving the dryer receptacle to a new laundry room. It is a 30 Amp circuit. The feed from the breaker box to the outlet is a service entrance cable. I need to install a junction box and run a feed from there to the new location. Can I use 10/3 spliced from this original cable?


If I do splice in the 10/3, the SE cable has only r/b/strand common. Do I connect white to the common, and connect ground to both boxes?

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Three-wire (with a common neutral and ground) is allowed only if installed prior to 1996 and not modified since. If you need modifications, you will need to replace it with a four-wire (separate neutral and ground). So I'm afraid you will need to abandon the SE and install new cable. And yes, 10/3 with ground NM-B is fine. The good news is that you will have a safer installation when you're done.
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You cannot extend this circuit to the new dryer receptacle. You will need to run a new circuit, using 10/3 cable, back to your breaker panel.

The use of SE cable for the dryer receptacle is no longer code compliant, because the ground and neutral share the same conductors. This was previously code compliant, and 'grandfathered' in. However IMHO extending the circuit as you describe is considerably more than the repair and maintenance work allowed on grandfathered circuits.


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