Remove 120 & add ceiling light to switch


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Lightbulb Remove 120 & add ceiling light to switch

I have been working on installing a ceiling light in one of the rooms in my house. There was an outlet connected to a switch in the room. I took the wires from the switch and tied them together so that the outlet was no longer attached to the switch (and was always on). Now I want to use that switch and the exisiting power from the wires I tied together to power the ceiling light I'm installing. How can I do this?


-- Chris
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If there was only one black wire and one white wire in the switch box, and if they were both connected to the switch, then that cable is not a power cable--it's a switch loop.

There are quite a few options, and one of them will certainly achieve what you're after. But start by telling us whether or not my guess in the paragraph above is correct--is there just one cable into the switch box, with one black wire and one white wire, both of which were connected to the switch?

If the answer is yes, then open up the receptacle box and describe all the wiring and all the connections there. Also tell us whether both halves of the duplex receptacle were formerly switched, or only one half. If you don't know the answer to that, then you'll need to temporarily put back the connections to the switch so you can find out.

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