Removing old wiring


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Removing old wiring

I'm fishing new wiring to my kitchen and dining room outlets (soon to be other areas also). One concern I have is what to do with the old wiring. For example, in the kitchen the outlets and lights are wired with 12/2 with no ground wire. The problem is, it is secured in several places throughout the cable run, making it a difficult task to remove it.

I know I'm not required to secure the newly fished cable to the studs, but what do I do about the old (unused) wiring? Am I required by code to remove it, or can it just stay where it is?
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In most cases, it is impractical to remove it. So simply cut off as much as you can and shove the rest into the walls so that nobody will be tempted to try to use it. Of course, don't shove it into the walls until you are sure that both ends are completely dead.
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You can safely and legally abandon the old wiring provided that neither end is left in an active junction box. Cut the old wire and push the ends through the holes in the box.

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