Copper or Aluminum lead in cable


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Copper or Aluminum lead in cable

I need some Opinions, We're running 250 ft from a 200 amp. disconect box to a 200amp breaker box, we can run #2 copper in conduit or run 4/0 Aluminum direct burial, my question is copper in this application worth 4 times the price in the long run.

thanks in advance,
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I would strongly advise against the Aluminium direct burial. One small nick in the insulation, and water gets in and the aluminium corrodes, and then you have to dig it up again.

You can put aluminium in conduit, which I would suggest at a minimum. Properly terminated, aluminium conductors are just fine. Copper is better, especially if you have corrosion issues, eg. a high humidity environment or near salt water.

Is this feed for the _main_ power to a house, or is it going to some sort of outbuilding. If this is not the main power for a residence, then your conductor sizes are too small.


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