Strange wiring


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Strange wiring

I wanted to change an ugly light fixture in a house I rented.
I opened the fixture and found three wires attached coming from the ceiling. There were two whites and a black. The whites were looped together and attached to the white from the ugly fixture with alot of electrical tape. I unwraped the tape. The white from the light fixture was attached with a little metal knob to the first white and the other white from the ceiling had been split and was wraped around the other white. I unatached the first white but when I touched the little knob I got a shock despite the fact that the power was off to the fixture.

This kind of freaked me out so I killed the power to the house and put it back the way I found it. Any idea what' happening here? Where the heck it the ground? What is that third wire?
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When you said "the power was off to the fixture", did you mean that the wall switch was turned off? Or that the circuit breaker was turned off?

You said that there were three wires attached to the old fixture. Were there any wires in the box not attached to the fixture?
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Can you provide more details about all wires coming in.
how many cables are there ? What are there colours?
Where was the black connected?

The more details you give us the quicker we help you with you trouble.


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