Installing sub panel in a new garage


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Installing sub panel in a new garage

I am installing a 100 amp sub panel in a new attached garage. My question is can I surface mount the new panel or do I have to flush mount in between studs? By code the walls in the garage must be boarded with 5/8" sheet rock. I was planning on then mounting 3/4" plywood and installing the panel on the plywood. My circuit feeds would enter from the ceiling and be stapled to the plywood as they enter the panel. The main supply circuit to the panel will be pulled from the basement through the stud space and into the bottom of the panel. The question I am having relates to whether or not by code the circuit cables can be exposed in a non living area such as a garage?

Thanks for the help!
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Your panel can be surface mounted, if you wish. The exposed wiring is an issue.

Exposed wiring in a garage must be protected. The term "protected" is subjective and up to interpretation. Specifically, the interpretation of the inspector.

I do not recommend, and the inspector may not accept wires run along the drywall with no protection. I suggest one of the following:

One or more pieces of conduit attached to the top of the panel that run up to ceiling. Run the wires in the conduit. Depending on the number of circuits, you may be able to use a single piece of conduit, or you may need more than one.

Run the wiring along the drywall and build a removeable cover. Perhaps a 1x2 running down each side of the cables, with a piece of plywood as a cover screwed in along both 1x2s. The screws make the cover removeable for service.
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Your idea of mounted the panel on the plywood may also be an issue. In some locations panels must be mounted ontop of drywall. IE not directly onto wood. this is supposed to act as some kind of a fire barrier if there ever is a problem. I would look into your local code to see if this is the case.

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