Appliance burnout

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Appliance burnout

New to this forum so please bear with me.

The problem I'm having is my appliances are burning out in my 14 year old kitchen. I've lost 5 microwaves, 2 coffee makers, and 2 wireless phone charger bases with the last 2 months. Now 2 circuits are dead (no power).

Had circuit 1 rewired w/everthing replaced upstairs. Now it is dead and gfi will not reset.

Circuit 2 is dead. no gfi in line.

Breakers on both circuits have not triggered at any time during this fiasco.

Electrician that rewired circuit 1 indicated and fixed loose neutral at home run box. He's scratching his head too.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Dan
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This could be a multiwire circuit with a loose neutral. Or it could be a loose neutral on your service connection. These two are basically the same problem, but at different places in your system. I'd call the power company and ask them to come out and check their connections.

Then go to your home center and spend $8 on an outlet tester. Plug it into a dead receptacle and tell us what it says.
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I have a Fluke VOM. Can I use that?
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It this is a 3-wire , 20-amp kitchen small-appliance B-C, Red/Black/White wires connected at the panel, I suggest you locate the outlet-box (O-B) where the 3-wire cable from the panel terminates and divides into 2 seperate 2-wire 120 volt circuits.

You may locate this O-B in a "confinened' area, i.e., in the kitchen or dining room; this may simplify the search.

Please know that it's best if the "continuity" of Branch-Circuit conductors does not rely upon device-connections, such as a receptacle with 4 terminations, 2 Black & 2 White. A defective termination will break the circuit.

Any receptacle-connection at an O-B where a 3-wire feed terminates MUST have ALL the White wires of the cables connected directly together with a wire-lead for the device connection.

Be sure your VOM is set to read 220 volts minimum.

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!!
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Problem resolved

Thanks for all the advice.

Called electrician and he determined loose neutrals at both panels (we have 400 amp service). Cut back browned (burnt) lengths on numerous neutrals and reattached. Tightened all connections in both panels.

He said connections in all electrical panels should be checked and re-tightened every 5 years.

A great learning experience!

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