I am testing the receptacle in my bathroom.


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I am testing the receptacle in my bathroom.

When I plug in a desk lamp to it; the lamp does not turn on.

When I push the reset button on this receptacle, the light of the bathroom turns off.

Could I have a defective receptacle?

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Have you made any changes recently?
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No sir.

But, you know what I have noticed in my house is that room light bulbs burnout on a frequent basis. They burnout when you turn on the lights.

There are two in the bathroom where I am conducting the receptacle test and one of them is burnt.

I don't remember if the receptacle stopped working at about the time one of the two lights bulbs burnt. It is a possibility though.
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The GFCI receptacle in the bathroom is providing GFCI protection to the bathroom. This is why pressing the test button on the GFCI (or holding in the reset button) causes the bathroom lights to go off.

Receptacles eventually wear out. It sounds like the receptacle terminals have worn out. I would start by replacing the GFCI receptacle.

Make sure that you replace the receptacle with the power off at the circuit breaker. Make sure that you make a detailed drawing of exactly how the wires are connected to the old receptacle before you remove it. Make note of the labels on the receptacle where the wires are attached, not the location of the wires, as not all GFCIs have the same location for the wires.

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