what to do when drill won't fit

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what to do when drill won't fit

I'm at the last leg of pulling my wire through the kitchen wall studs. Unfortunately there are multitudes of 2x4's close to each other to hold up the old outlets. My drill is too wide to fit in between the studs and the 2x4's are flat along the wall (4"lengthwise along the wall) so i don' thave a lot of room to make a mistage before i end up on the other side of the wall. What's my best option here? Cut out some of the 2x4's so i can run the wire? What kind of saw would i use? I am trying to minimize the amount of wall i destroy because cabinets will be going on top of it.
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Use a 90 degree drill (or you can buy an attachement that converts a "regular" drill into a 90 degree one).
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I would be extremely concerned about the strength of this wall after you bore a hole through the narrow dimesion of the 2X4. Obviously, this wall is not load bearing, HOPEFULLY!!!, given its incorrect construction with the 2x4s on the flat, but your plan to hang cabinets could be very dangerous.

You are going to have to drill out about 1/2 the thickness of the 2X4 for the wire and this will significantly weaken the existing wall. A cabinet with any weight inside could cause the wall to snap at the point where you bored out the hole for the wire.

I would rethink your project before your wall cabinets are floor cabinets!!!
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I'd use wire mold, surface mounted under wall cabinets.
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I think there is some confusion here, perhaps we can get clarification...

I don't think that the wall is using the 2" of the 2x4 as depth, but it is using the 4" of the 2x4 as depth. The problem I think I am hearing is that the studs are mounted close together. (not 16" centers etc) And as such, trying to drill you need to have your drill outside the studs and drill on an angle into the wall. The problem is that if you drill too far you may go through the wall right?

What you may want to try is instead of drilling horizontally, put your drill in between the studs and drill downwards at an angle. This way your drill won't go through the wall, and you should get a useable hole.

Notching the 2x4s for the wire is not an option and is against code in many areas. Aside from weakening the stud you leave the wire at risk for screws and nails. I would strongly suggest against it.

If you can't drill holes in the studs going horizontally, then I would suggest going UP the stud, through the top 2x4, and into the ceiling. Then drill a second (or more) holes where you want your drops to be. So long as you have an attic above the kitchen, then this is allowed so long as you drill through the beams above. (don't run wires on top of beams, even though it is an attic) Alternately, if going through from above isn't an option, then what about from below? Is the basement unfinished with an open ceiling? Consider drilling through the bottom, drilling across, and coming back up that way. (always check the area you will be drilling to BEFORE you drill so you don't hit anything) See if either of those alternatives are useful.

You don't always have to drill horizontally so long as the wire has at least 1 1/4" of wood on each side of the hole you drill. If there is less then you need to put in protection plates to protect the wire from screws and nails.



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