Canadian Code and 20 Amp Circuits


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Canadian Code and 20 Amp Circuits

The new Canadian Electrical Code now allows 20 amp circuits in kitchens. However, as far as I can tell does not say anything about allowing general purpose 20 amp circuit in other parts of the house. However, it does not explicitly disallow it. Or am I misreading the code.

So, am I allowed to install a 20 amp, GFCI protected circuit in my bathroom? While I am at it, I also want to install 2 20 amp circuits in my basement workshop.

I will be using 12/2 cable in any case, so itís just a question of the type of breakers and receptacles (which can be changed out at a later date)

Anybody tried this with the inspectors? (I live in Ontario)
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I believe 20 amp is allowed. However if you use 20 amp you MUST use 20 amp T slot receptacles. This differs from NEC where you can put 15 amp receptacles on the 20 amp circuit.

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