Attic insulation and rewiring light


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Karen White
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Attic insulation and rewiring light

Looking to have insulation blown into my attic, along with getting the soffits, fascia, and trough redone. Which should I get done first - soffits or insulation, and why?

Also, too, this is probably a silly question, but my light fixture from my kitchen runs straight up into the attic with no electrical box. Should I rewire this before the insulation is blown in?? Will this be a fire hazard??

Any info would be great!!
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Attic insulation

In northern climates, your goal should be to insulate the living space of the house. Leave roof uninsulated so it can remain the same temperature as the outside. This involves having a vapor retarder over attic floor to prevent flow of warm, humid air into attic where it can condense and cause moisture problems. You should have a free flow of outside air from the eaves of your roof through soffit vents all the way to the gable vents, louver vents, or other type of roof vent. Use baffles to prevent the obstruction of airflow where insulation butts up against rafters or roof sheathing.

Northern climates, an R-value of 49 is recommended for adequate attic insulation. Fiberglass insulation has an R-value of roughly 3.0 per inch of thickness. Cellulose is has an R-value of almost 4.0 per inch. Attic floor will have to be removed to add additional insulation.

Do exterior work first so that when you insulate you don't cover up the soffit vents.

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You would need and electrical..

box only if there are splices in the cable. (Look for wire nuts) if there are no splices__and___ the electrical connections for the light fixture itself are made in the metal case of the fixture (ie, floruscent) then you don't need a box.

If you can see wire nuts pushed up into the attic, you'll need a box.

Basically, any electrical connections have to be inside an "accessable"
junction (or electrical box).
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Light fixture with no box indcates to me you might have knob and tube wiring. If this is the case no insulation. It is meant to be running in free air.
As far as insulate or soffit fascia, I don't see how it makes a difference either way which one is done first.

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