Electric Baseboard Heaters

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Electric Baseboard Heaters

Hi there,
I have some base board heaters that I would like to install temporarly in a couple of rooms while we renovate. The baseboard heaters are 4foot/240v/1500w style.
What gauge of wire should I run to the main panell? Is 10/2 wire too heavy of a wire?
Is a 15 amp double pole beaker. going to be enough breaker for 2 heaters to be hooked into it, or should I use one 15 amp double pole breaker for each heater?
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2 heaters @ 1500W each = 3000W

3000W / 240V = 12.5A

Read the instructions that came with the heaters to see if the manufacturer has included recommendations for wire size/breaker size.

Otherwise, 12/2 cable and a 20A double-pole breaker should work.
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2 heaters @ 1500W each = 3000W

3000W / 240V = 12.5A X 1.25% (continuous duty) = 16 amps (rounded off to the next whole number).

20 Amp CB and #12 awg wire is acceptable.
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thinman, does your inspector consider a baseboard heater to be a continuous load?
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Thinman, you remind me of my high school math teacher who always marked off for not showing all of my work...
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Your username suggests to me the Canadian Electrical Code may apply to you

62-114 Overcurrent Protection and Grouping


(7) Service, feeder, or branch conductors supplying only fixed resistance heating loads shall be permitted to have an ampacity less than the rating or setting of the circuit overcurrent preotection provided that their ampacity:
(a) Is not less than the load; and
(b) Is at least 80% of the rating or setting of the circuit overcurrent protection.

(8) Notwithstanding Paragraph (7)(b), where 125% of the allowable ampacity of a conductor does not correspond to a standard rating of the overcurrent device, the next higher standard rating shall be permitted.
You could actually put 3 of those heaters on a #12 with a 25A breaker; or 2 of them on a #14 with a 20A breaker.
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Thanks everyone for all your advise on my base board question. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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