Help wiring a 220 to 110


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Help wiring a 220 to 110

I have a strange request that someone can hopefully help me with.

I play in a band where we play in a lot of hotel rooms for functions. Most have a 220 black outlet for power available, but they rarely have the box available for us. On the odd time they have had one, it looks to be a rather std box with several 20 amp circuit breakersconnected to std 120 volts type ac outlets. In one case, they didn't even have any circuit breakers in the box, just a 220 plug, cable that went right to a series of 120 outlets,

I would like to build my own box like this.
First question - is there really any need to add circuit breakers? I assume the power is already breaker in the hotel somewhere, and quite frankly if it blows a 20 amp circuit breaker, my equipment is probably already going to be fried anyway.
Second question - Exactly HOW do you wire the 220 plug to the 120 AC outlet? Specifically, what pin to pin, so to speak?

Please email responses to my email [email protected].


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Jim... without have a little more information, I will probably not be able to fully understand or answer your question to the fullest extent, but I will try my best.

From what I understand, the hotel room only has 220v outlets and you need 120v outlets for your stuff. First and foremost, almost no 220v plugs have a neutral wire to speak of, so trying to build a plug to only use one of the plugs power legs to get 120v probably will not work. Just for future referance, the purpose of a breaker is to protect you and the wire. It will not protect your equipment... Basically, anything that uses electricity draws amps, the purpose of a breaker is to make sure no more amps are on the wire than what that wire can handle, to keep it from overheating and starting a fire. It is also to cut the power when something shorts out, it isn't like a fuse that is meant to protect your delicate equipment, it really could care less about your stuff.

If you need 220v but only have 120v plugs installed, they do make 120v-220v converters, but they may be expensive. Search google for some, I'm sure you can find one. Aso for a 220v to 120v conversion, all you would need to do is cap off one of the hot wires and use the other one for the hot side of the recept, however you probably won't have a neutral so it won't work anyways. Also, it is illegal to subsitute a ground wire for a neutral, even though it will work fine, it is unsafe and violates the NEC and every local municipalities codes.

Hopefully this answeres your question, if you have any more detailed info, please post it back and let us know what your conclusion over this matter is.

Best of luck,

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