OK!! Final ? on My Wiring:


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OK!! Final ? on My Wiring:

Here is the deal:

Need to wire 5 Hp Comopressor plus have welder outlet if possible in same conduit.
Compressor will be at end on conduit 40 ft from panel
Welder outlet 25', same 3/4 conduit, from panel.

Will pull 8 gauge for 40 amp draw welder 25', two hots and one ground, all 8's.

Will pull 10 gauge for 23amp draw for compressor, same conduit, 40 ft, two hots and one ground, all 10's.

Both 220v single phase.

Total of six conductors each having it's own ground
Assuming the "fill" is ok, how does this sound

Sorry to be a Pain
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Sorry, but IMHO you need to hire an electrician for this install.

Your questions suggest that you don't understand the details that we've been discussing, you've changed the story on what is being connected where (in the discussion on wire size you said that the #8 was for the compressor), and you didn't previously mention the 5Hp part...there is an entirely separate set of rules for large motors such as this, and welders have their own requirements.

I'd suggest beginning at the beginning, and describing in detail what you want to install, how far it will be from the panel, and any 'nameplate' information on the devices that you want to install. Write out the _whole_ story, but the stuff that you are pretty sure you understand, as well as the stuff that you are pretty sure you don't know.

Good luck.
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Yes I do understand!!
I chaged the configuration on th8 ga. as I felt it was overkill.
The whole story is in the post
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I agree with Jon you should start from the beggining. there are additional things that make us feel that way. for example you are pulling two ground wires in same conduit, and not to mention no talk about derating because you will have 4 current carrying conductors in same conduit. and changing conductor sizes because you think its overkill. i beleive you have to do a little more reading before jumping in to this project. it looks like you have enough knowledge to get yourself in trouble, thats why were trying to make sure you dont make a mistake and create an unsafe condition.

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