Northstar Honda-powered generators

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Northstar Honda-powered generators


I am doing some research on generators. I have looked around on Usenet and Honda generators are highly recommended. However I noticed that Northern Tool & Equipment Co. carries Northstar generators that use Honda engines. I am looking for all feedback on Northstar generators, specifically ones that use these Honda engines. In particular I am very interested in their "Northstar 8000 watt" model, which uses a Honda 13 HP OHV engine. This is item # 165914 in Northern's catalog. It states it has "6% total harmonic distortion for use with voltage-sensitive equipment like computers...", yet it doesn't mention it has a regulator.

Anyway, I would appreciate all feedback if anybody has had experience with this specific Northstar generator. It seems decent for the price, considering the Honda engine. I am assuming the alternator in this is also good (I hope that's a good assumption). I am basically looking for a good quality generator around 7000-8000 watt, for emergencies to power the fridge, freezer, well, lights, furnace fan, etc. in the $1000-2000 price range.

Thank you very much for all suggestions, feedback, etc!

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I don;t know anythiong about Honda generators, so I cannot help you there.

One wrd of caution. Well pumps need quite a bit of current to get started. Make sure that you get something that will run your pump if you expect your pump to work off the generator. I know that a typical 5000 watt generator won't do it.
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Honesly, I'm too lazy to check out Norhtern's web site...

I have a Northern 13'000 PTO driven generator that has worked well. I had some questions when I first received it and their support was great.

Honda has two basic series of engines GC and GX. The GC is the less expensive (I think the "C" stands for cheap) and the GX is the commercial version. I have 3 or 4 tools powered by the GX engines, one lawnmower with a GC and a Honda brand EU3000 generator.

All of the Honda GX engines have been bullet proof.

The Honda EU generator is very expensive but I love it (though it's too small for your needs).

I have several things from Northern and they are of very good quality, though may not have the totally enclosed "sexy" packaging of some Honda branded generators.

One thing I look for when purchasing a generator is it's noise. Cheap generators are extremely loud. A Honda GX engine is moderate on my loudness scale. Some of the enclosed Honda generators (like my EU model) are truly amazing for how quiet they are.

Follow the generator sizing charts. As Racraft mentioned, your well pump, refridgerator, freezer will take a lot of power to get them started. If you are looking at an 8'000 watt generator and willing to spend up to $2'000 I think you are on the right track.

OK, I broke down and looked-up your generator.

Keep in mind that it has 6'600 watts continuous, but I think it's a good one.

Make sure to keep plenty of fuel on hand at all times and make sure all your vehicles are full when you think a storm is coming. Most cars hold about 15 gallons of gas and a truck is good for 25-35 gallons so they are a great way to store exta fuel. Get a 5' long piece of 3/8 or 1/2" plastic/rubber hose in case you need to siphon gas from your car to power the generator.

If there is a big storm and you are without power for a long time. Never leave your generator unguarded. People seem to loose their senses when they don't have TV and air conditioning. Normally good people will steal to keep their refridgerator running.

Make sure you have a way to tie it into your house. Extension cords are quick and easy but are a real pain when your without power for any length of time. You can backfeed your circuit panel but if done improperly it can injure/kill you or a power company lineman.
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I have the Porter-Cable, Honda powered generator from Home Depot ($1419), I had no trouble running everything in the house including the water heater going, except the heat pump (which I didn't want to risk trying).It was pretty good on gas too, going about 12 hrs on a 7 gallon tank.

It comes with the wheel kit, but no cord or cover.

I thought about the theft factor, and bought a heavy duty cable to secure it to the house.

I'm still working on that generlink device, they are suppose to be contacting my utility to see if they will carry them.

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