Upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp ?'s


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Upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp ?'s


I'm going to upgrade my electrical system from 100 amps to 200 amps. I have already called the Power company and they will check if I need to replace underground service lines. Currently my panel is full, and from my calculations the panel is full and cannot run a subpanel. I will also have an electrician check the service lines from the meter to the panel and replace them if needed for 200 amps.

I am going to add a 80 amp circuit to an outside disconnect for a spa and one 15amp GFCI outdoor TV/stereo branch circuit. The spa requires 220V with a 60 amp GFCI breaker in the disconnect with a three plus one ground (4 wire) connection. About 80 ft. through the garage and basement to the outside location (I think I've factored in the distance for voltage drop).

I will also be adding three 15 amp branch circuits from the new panel to my basement. Also, adding a 20 amp garage circuit and a ??amp circuit for a millermatic 210 or 255 welder ( I think it requires 50 amps double pole)

My electric service panel is in an attached garage in a finished wall (i.e. it is drywalled and fireproofed as required by building code).

1. My main question is, in order to feed the basement and the hottub (which will be serviced through the basement to the outside of the house) I was wondering if I could run the 4 wires (3 #2AWG and 1 #6AWG(ground)) for the hottub + the three 12-2 wires for the basement branch circuits in a single pvc pipe?? Metallic or non metallic? Size restrictions for the diameter of pipe? (my area used the NEC 1999 with no ammendments)

2. Also, with 3 + 1 needed for the hottub do I need a three pole GFCI breaker at the disconnect for the two hots and the neutral or 2 pole and connect the neutral straight to a bus bar? With the additional 15amp circuit from the disconnect box, will I have problems with the breaker tripping because the 15 amp cirucit is also connected to the neutral bus?

3. And occasionally I see something about a "bonded connection" from Hottub to a deck or some other external object or what not. Do I need to do this and could someone explain the concept in more detail?

Thank you,


I know about the watertight rating for outdoors and the 5 - 15 foot disconnect range and most of the other details like wire sizes and the like.
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Hello, Anyone?
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1. You can run the wires in the same conduit. Search the Internet for information about what size conduit is needed.

2. You need a two pole GFCI breaker for the hot tub. A GFCI breaker (one or two pole) has a connection for the neutral wire, and a short piece of wire that gets connected to the neutral bus.

3. I don't know what you are referring to.

Understand that hot tubs and spas have very specific codes. Make sure that what you do will pass inspection before you waste time and money on it.
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3. Most of the metal parts attached to and within 5 feet of the hot tub need to be bonded (connected together with a wire). An 8-gauge solid copper wire is good for this.

See NEC article 680.26 for a list of things to be bonded. Read 680.42 too. In fact, read all of article 680. The NEC can be found in the reference section of most public libraries.
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Thank You!

Thanks guys. I appreciate the response. I have the NEC and have read section 680 of the 2002 NEC. I was just a little confused.

Thanks for the info and have a good week!

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