High Voltage Disconnect?


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High Voltage Disconnect?

I'm experimenting with high voltage devices (putting my physics minor to use). Jacob's ladders, N2 lasers, etc.

I have a 15,000v @ 30mA transformer, and I'd like to put a disconnect on the output so I can selectively power one of a pair of devices.

My question is what commercially available device could I use? A standard 600v/250vdc 30A disconnect switch looks like it could handle the load, but 15kV likes to arc and the switch may prove ineffective (spark gap). Is this a valid concern?

Would this disconnect work? Other ideas?

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I'm thinking a relay would be a better choice here. A high voltage low current relay would prevent arcing, and also allow you to run the switiching devices as low current, thus making overall wiring easier. It might be a bit tricky to source, but a quick check of the web yeilded some manufacturers. (here's one that handles 15000v up to 40-60A)

However it's going to be tricky to find something small that will switch that kind of voltage. There is plenty of equipment that will do it, but it's normally designed for high current loads. Anyway, prehaps look at a relay as an option instead of a disconnect, and maybe you might have better luck in your search. Good luck.


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My first thought was also a high voltage relay. Much more elegant than a simple disconnect or switch, anyway.
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You need something with a voltage rating of 15Kv for the exact reason you stated. The acring can jump the gap and may never be broken.

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