Another Switched Receptacle Question


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Another Switched Receptacle Question

I have a swtich that has the main feed cable (coming from the Breaker box) connected to it, and then there is a wire going from the switch to the outlet which is located on the wall directly below the switch. Currently the switch controls the whole outlet, is there a way to get it to only control only one of them and have the other one always hot without having to run another wire from the switch to the outlet? I was told you can do it with pigtails somehow, but not sure exactly how.
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Smile Switched Receptacle Problem

To get the receptacle to be (hot) at all times, even half of it, a new wire will have to be added to the receptacle... On the receptacle on the Gold side, tehre is a TAB that connects the top and bottom screws, and on the Silver Side screws there is a TAB that connects these 2... Break the tab, and whichever set of screws has no wire fed to them, u need to attach the Black end of teh new wire to teh gold screws and attach the White end to the silver screws... Attach the White at other end to the WHITE Wires attached together in your wall switch... Now take the Black and attach it to the BLACK coming in from the Panel box to the switch... Half of it will be controlled by switch other half will remain hot... Make sure that when you break the tabs on each side of the Outlet that the White is attached to the Top or Bottom screw on the silver side and make sure the black is attached to the Gold side on the same screw as white (Top OR Bottom)
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You may or may not be able to do this with your present wiring.

Do not break any tabs until you know what you have.

How many wires are in the cable that goes between the switch and the receptacle? What colot and how are those wires connected at the switch and at the receptacle.
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Smile Another Switched Receptacle Question

Thanks... didnt even think of asking that... or mentioning taht... Are the wires attached together in your light switch with the wire nut white? and are there 2 black wires attached to screws at switch... and is the wire a yellow or white cable color? 14 gauge is usually White, 12 Guage is usually Yellow... in newer homes...
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As far as the wires go, there is one wire that goes directly to the switch from the breaker panel, then there is another wire going from the swtich to the outlet. At the switch, the two whites are together with a wire nut, the black wire coming from the breaker is attached to the top screw, the black wire from the wire going to the outlet is attached to the bottom screw of the switch. At the outlet, the white wire coming from the switch is attached to the top silver screw on the outlet, and the black wire coming from the switch is attached to the top bronze screw on the outlet. There's no wire other wires attached to the outlet, the bottom 2 screws are empty. I would like to be able to have the bottom outlet hot all the time with the top outlet remaining switched. I know you have to break the tabs, but i was hope i wouldn't have to run another wire from the switch to the outlet. Is there another way? pigtails? changing the way the wires are attached at the switch or the outlet?
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There is no way to have the switch control only half the receptacle with the current wiring. If you can replace the cable between the switch and the receptacle, then you can get what you want. Otherwise not.
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That's what i was afraid of ....thank you for all of your time and help though

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