circuit breaks when i turn switch on


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circuit breaks when i turn switch on

i just got through wiring my shed. i ran it from the circuit box to an outlet, into a flood light, into a switch, and then to a light. everything works fine but when i turn the breaker on the light comes on even though the switch is in the off position. When i turn the switch into the on position it flips the breaker. if looking at the switch from the outside i have a black coming from the floodlight running into the back of the switch and the black going to the light on the top screw. The white coming from the flood light is in the back of the switch and the white running to the light is on the screw on the bottom(not the ground screw). The ground wires are screwed into the green screw Any suggestions?
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you have a dead short with your switch.
At switch connect one black one each screws. Connect 2 whites together and not to switch. This will control 2nd light. First light has no switch control. Do you require it to be switched? If you do need it switched, you need another switch and a different cable from the flood light to switch box.
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To reiterate what Joe said, do not connect any white wires to your switch.
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thanks, everything worked great!! and to joe b, the flood light has a motion sensor on it. again, thank you for everyone's advice. project was a success. GO DOITYOURSELFERS!

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