Installing Electric dryer


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Installing Electric dryer

I am going to install a electric dryer where a gas one was before. I need to know how to find which wires to add the recep. to or how to go about finding the correct wire from the panel box. I have electric outlets in the room now. Any help???????
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A dryer is typically a 30 amp 240volt circuit.
That means you are looking for 10/3 wire and a double 30 amp breaker.
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If you don't already have a prewired outlet for a dryer in place, you will need to add a dedicated circuit and homerun to serve the dryer. Basic requirements will be an 8/4 cable with a 4-prong plug. If it didn't come with one, you will need to buy a 4-prong cable for your dryer. #8 wire generally is a minimum requirement, there are many factors that decide on what you will need. If you are not comfortable messing around in your breaker panel and running new wire, I suggest contacting a licensed electrician. If you fee you can do it, please post back with the amperage or wattage of the dryer and the distance of your cable run from the dryer to the panel (needs to be the length of the cable, not as the crow flies from the dryer to your box). With this information, we will be able to tell you what size cable you need, and how to hook it up to the outlet.

If you have never messed around in a breaker panel before, now is not the time to. Get a licensed electrician to do it for you and have him give you a walkthrough on how it works so you know how to in the future.

Best of luck,
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If there never was an electric dryer there before, then there likely isn't any wiring installed for one. This will mean you have to run a four wire (three plus ground) 10 gauge cable to the main panel where a 30 amp 240 volt breaker needs to be installed.
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Another question

I am also putting in a new dryer, and decided to add my question here instead of posting a new question. I don't trust the wiring and have replaced it. I discovered the dryer outlet I bought is setup for 3 wires, but the recomended 10/3 wire has 4. Should I get a different outlet or can I run the white and ground together? Also, I seen on the first reply I will need a daul 30 amp circuit breaker, right?

Thank You
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You need to install a 4 prong cord on your dryer and a prong receptacle.

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