4 to 3 prong dryer


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4 to 3 prong dryer

Just bought my first home and figured I should sign up to get some good tips from the experts.

The house although built in the 60s has been completely updated and has the new 220v 4 prong for the washer and dryer hookup. I have a 3 prong dryer and would like to use it. I have seen 1 or 2 posts about changing this but by no means am I electric savy. If someone in plan english could help me run through how to hook up the new recepticle I would appreciate it.

Thanks all
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With the dryer unplugged, take the back off and you will be able to remove the cord. Get a new 4 prong cord and look at the back you removed. Somewhere on it there is likley a drawing of how to hook up the 4 prong cord. If it is not there try going the manufacturer's site and search by model number for the info.
The diffference between a 3 and 4 prong cord is the ground and neutral.
In a 3 prong cord there is only one wire and they are both joined inside the machine. With a 4 prong cord there is 2 separate wires and they have 2 separate connection inside the dryer. There might be a jumper or bonding screw that needs to be removed.
The basic connection are normally lableled as X and Y for the black and red. Doesn't matter which is which.
N for the neutral or white wire.
G for green or bare ground wire.
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Along with Joed's reply view this for clarification if needed.

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Originally Posted by Blueline
If someone in plan english could help me run through how to hook up the new recepticle I would appreciate it.
Just in case it isn't clear from the previous replies: your only choice is to change the cord on the dryer to a 4-prong cord. It is a code violation to change the 4-prong receptacle to a 3-prong receptacle. Plus it is a lot easier to change the cord.

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