Wiring Bath Exhaust Fan


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Wiring Bath Exhaust Fan

I'm planning to install a roof mounted exhaust fan that will service 2 bathrooms when we are home and as a whole house fan when we are away for extended periods. The duct work is simple enough but the electrical switching is a little tough and wanted to get a second opinion.
I plan on taking power from one bathroom light to power the fan and have 2 switches in parallel(one from each bathroom) to control the fan (on/off) operation and a speed switch between the switches and the fan to control flow rate.

My question concerns the parallel switches:
- Is it safe to wire it this way?
- Does it generate any additional heat(fire hazard) when both switches are on?

This is my first post and would like to thank you for any and all help given - Thanks
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Why would you want to run a whole-house fan while you are away? Running a whole-house fan requires opening windows, or you risk sucking dangerous exhaust gases into the house.

Depending on how your bathroom is wired, it may or may not be a code violation to tap power here.

Two switches for one appliance in parallel on the same circuit is fine and poses no hazard.
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I live in North Florida - humidity can be a problem. Currently, neither bathroom has an exhaust fan and since the ducting has to be installed, I thought the roof mounted fan would be a much quiter and cost about the same as 2 individual fans.
Using the system as a whole house fan was more of an after thought. Trying to control the humidity when the house is closed up at times for 30-45 days. I've tried a number of things including leaving a window open and leaving the A/C on. The usual result is the same - a general dampness and musty smell. It usually takes some time before this get back to normal.
I didn't think about sucking bad gases through the house - I may rethink my plans on using it as a whole house fan- may try it and see what happens.
The best I can tell, the bathrooms are both on separate circuits with GFCI's protecting lights and receptacles. Would you suggest a separate circuit for the fan?

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