Bathroom outlet


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Bathroom outlet

I changed out old outlets in my bathroom with new ones. I took The wires out of the old one one by one and replaced them in the new one exactly in the same place. Now by GFC's in the garage will not rset and all my bathroom outlets are not working.

I can not understand what I did wrong. Did I short something out. These are only three wire outlets too.

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Tell us exactly how many wires are in the box, what cable they each come from, what color they are, and how they are attached to the receptacle. And please tell us that you still have the old receptacle for examination.
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wel more info is needed but are you sure none of the gfci is tripped. is one is tripped and it feed the others it will cause them all not to work. so follow these 3 steps

1. make sure none of them are tripped
2. make sure all connections are tight
3. make sure that the breaker that is feeding them is on

let us know good luck
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Bathroom outlet

Thank you, as I was constructing a new reply to you I thought to look at the outlet one more time. I tighten everything and then it came to me . I had the ground wire attached to the brass screw. Amazing when you are not tired the answer comes right to me.

Thank you for all your time I appreciate it.

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