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Howard Johnson
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Exclamation Gfci

What product should I wear on my skin to assure ground fault tripping a
GFCI when pushing my 120 volt, 3 ampere drill to
assure that I will receive less than 5 milliamperes electric current for
one second at whatever ohmage (probably between 500 and 150,000) my clothed
body presents to sundry environmnets? Consider me vulnerable also
to cords and cord connectors.


this product must accordingly supplement the usual GFCI functioning by assuring that all
faults (including touching both the hot and neutal wires --" making myself a device")
are filtered through the GFCI without dependence on the overload circuit breaker
(panel mounted breaker).
My overload circuit breakers at 15 (and others at 20 and 30) amperes are not
fast enough to protect me. The overload circuit breaker continues relevant while the
drill (or any appliance) sits inactive and possibly in a state of faulting. My
body is partly protected because a faulting appliance may be circuit broken before I touch it.

I strap the product onto my body (wrist watch fashion with a conductive
salve) before drilling. It induces sundry currents to partially ground (4 to 6 milliamperes)
into the product on my body at non body damaging amperages.
It must not, however, induce a path to the ubiquitous ground through my body.
And the product must not interfere with the biochemically induced voltages
which are necessary to proper body functionings.
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Sounds like you are trying to sell something.
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what are you trying to do and why? If you just push the test button on the gfci it should click off if it is working correctly. You can also buy gfci testers from most home centers fairly cheap.

but just to let you know what if the gfci is not working right and the line and load side are corrected backwards than you might kill your self before the breaker trips that could mean that 15 or more amps will run into your body just think that less than one amp can kill you
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I don't understand your post. You don't need to wear anything on your skin as long as the GFI is working properly. What am I missing here???

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