Ground wire hot to touch


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Ground wire hot to touch

I was in the basement turning off the water to the outside faucet when I noticed the pipe was warm. The ground wire from the service entrance panel is attached to the pipe. I touched where the wire is attached and it is HOT!
Also, all lights in house brighten and dim, especially when it is damp outside.
Lights also brighten or dim when furnace runs. Any help is appreciated. Could I have a loose ground?
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Turn off your main breaker and call your power company immediately!

You don't have a loose ground, you have a loose neutral wire on the power feed into your house. In fact, it sounds like the neutral is totally open. Electric current is returning to the transformer via your ground connection, possibly through the metal piping to your neighbor's houses.

Your symptoms are absolutely, totally clear. Get this fixed _now_.

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I agree totally. If you don't turn off your power at least unplug all electronic devices like tvs, vcrs etc. The brightening is voltage going up. This can severely damage these devices.
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Thanks to both of you! It hasn't done it for a couple days has been like this off and on for over a year. I thought it was a problem with the city's electrical since they have 10 houses running off this same pole. When it gets light tomorrow, I want to look in my SEP and tighten things down if needed.
If that does not help with the warm pipe, I will call power Co. Thanks!
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It could be disconnected in your meter too! Call the power company and tell them you want to break the seal or, if you don't feel comfortable, call and electrican (or the power company itself) and have them take a look.

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