Power source for Christmas lights?


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Power source for Christmas lights?

I am trying to wire lights in the front & back of my condo (not too many). However there are no power outlets outside the doors. I don't want to run a wire from inside the condo. Do you have any suggestions outside of hiring an electrician to install them? Maybe a small generator? Thanks.
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A generator is a bit overkill as the noise would drive you nuts and probably your neighbors also. Do you not have an outside porch light? You could purchase an adapter that has 2 outlets and a bulb. This screws into the present bulb socket, assuming you have a regular socket and not one of the "sheilded ceiling lights" commonly seen in apartment complexes.
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Those adapters are illegal, at least in Canada. I would not recommend using them.
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I believe they are legal in the U.S. as they are quite abundant in all the stores. Considering this is only for a short time I don't believe they would cause a problem.
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They probably are legal in the U.S. However, it is not safe to assume that just because they are sold that they are legal to use. There are a number of examples of things readily available in the store that violate code to use them in most situations.

I would only use them as a last resort, and never to carry more than 100 watts of load.

If this is more than a one-time only thing, I suggest you have receptacles added where you need them. If you are reasonably handy, there are lots of good books that explain how to do it yourself. If you have a lot of lights, you should add new circuits and have receptacles added wherever you need them.
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They might be illegal in Canada but I saw someone walking out of Canadian Tire with 2 of them on Saturday.

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