Extending Fusebox Wiring


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Extending Fusebox Wiring

I have been trying to figure out how to reconnect a heater I disconnected a while ago.
I disconnected the wiring to 2 baseboard heaters in my house to install an A/C unit which required 220 volts. I want to keep the wiring to the A/C unit where it is but I have space on the opposite side of the fusebox.
I wish to wire in the baseboard heaters to the opposite side but the wires aren't long enough anymore.
1.Is there a correct way to extend these wires or another way round this? 2.Am I correct in assuming that it isn't legal to double up wiring for 2 appliances?
Thanks for the usual excellent advice.
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To extend the wiring you must add short pieces of wire which get attached with wire nuts. The wire must be the same size as the original wiring, and should be the same color, to avoid confusion.

Whether you can or cannot attach more than one wire to a circuit breaker depends on the exact make of the circuit breaker. If it is designed for more than one wire you can attach more than one wire.

However, in this case I would not run the AC and the heater on the same circuit.
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Extending Fusebox Wiring

It looks as if the fuse is made only for 2 single wires so I imagine it would be fair to say that it would be impossible to use the same fuse for 2 baseboard heaters!?
Are these connectors readily available to buy?
Thanks again.

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