Replace A service drop.


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Replace A service drop.

I would like to replace my service drop. What the best way to do it. What type of gloves to where. I replace the service panel and I need to replace the service drop. The drop is old. It hole @ the bottom where it go into the meter which its not good. It times to replace the drop.
Also never let your wife clean up after you done. She put the new service panel box cover out in the trash. So you know what that mean. Buy a new service box. To buy a new cover it cost the price of the box.
O how I replace the first service panel I just pulled the service meter.
I gut the whole house out in rewire it by code just in case I every sale it.
Install recess lights new 3 way light switches. I have some Idea on what going on. Also taking a home study course in Electrical.
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Replacing a service drop is not something for a newbie to tackle. Hire a professional for this.
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If you mean the line from the pole to your meter box, that's not yours to mess with. You will need to call the utility company and have them replace it.

If you mean the meter box itself, again, something you will still need to call the utility about, so they can disconnect the line from the power source while the box is being repalced.
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re: Gloves. Working on energized electrical circuits is dangerous work for professional who are HIGHLY trained and skilled and have the best protective equipment.

For an amateur, it borders on suicide. Please do not attempt to replace your service cable or box yourself.
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service drop

I replace the service panel my self I pulled the meter out to do this with face shield on. I sorry for using the wrong terms. The cable that come down the side of the house. Service entrance head & Service entrance cable need to be replaced. The Electric / utility company is not responsible for the service entrance cable around here. I sorry for using the wrong terms.
I'm learning I rewire my whole house. It done by code. Just in case I sale the house wouldnít wont to do it again.
Iím taking some Electrical course. Would like to know how it done. I will let some one do it. Because I donít own a fiberglass ladder.
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If you can get the utility to come and disconnect the power at the service drop, then connect it back up (some do...most don't) then it's not that difficult....if you know what you're doing.
The biggest problem doing this is connecting your line to the utility's line, which happens to be energized. Without the right equipment it's a very risky endevour.
Call the utility and see if they're willing to disconnect, then connect the power for you. If they are not willing to do this then I wouldn't recommend you doing it. I'm an electrician... and this is the least favorite part of the job. (right next to going into a 2' high attic filled with dusty old blown fiberglass insulation when it's 100 degrees outside.

Also keep in mind that you'll have no power, i.e. no power tools during the job. Unless you can "borrow" an outlet from a neighbor I would make sure I have enough cordless tools to do the job.
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thank you

trinitro thank you for that infomation. That what I my do.
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The utility company will disconnect your electricity for you. They will not turn it back on until they see an approved inspection certificate. That's the problem. You may replace the service entrance cable from where the utility's aerial service drop is connected, near your weatherhead. But only if your local Code Enforcement says a homeowner may perform his/her own electrical work. You must get a permit, and apply for an inspection, and pass the inspection. I did this myself, with permit and passed inspection and utility approval. It was pretty tough, but my experience with electrical work and the NEC was such that I was confident I could. I think this procedure is a real stretch for a non-licensed electrician and would not recommend even trying for the average Joe Homeowner with minimal experience in the field.

But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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Is this for real?
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A permit of course will be required. In my jurisdiction the city inspector will not come and inspect the work (unless you replace the inside panel also). It's it the electric company (ComEd) that inspects it. However, ComEd will neither disconnect nor connect the power back up for you. It's you that has to do it.

ComEd however will not approve anything unless a permit is first obtained.
Of course where I am (Chicago) you have to be a licenced electrician to even apply for the permit, but some areas (like farther away from Chicago where NM-B is the king ) are much less restrictive.

But this is major work.. if you consider replacing an outlet to replacing your car's sparkplug... replacing the service head and meter socket is equivalent to replacing the head gasket... and the head gasket can't kill you (hopefully ).

It's always worth to ask the utility what they are willing to do. I know that at my friend's vacation home the utility will come and disconnect/connect the service for you. It usually takes them a while, but they will do it. In some areas they laugh at you when you ask them this. Some areas may not even ask for a permit, but those are probably far and few.
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Originally Posted by Roger
Is this for real?
Kind of what I was a thinkin'.
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look like

It looks like I will
Have the wire ran up the side of the house mount to the wall setup to pay some one to hook it up to the power line.
My old wire is just support to the house which is connect to the wall. At least I can have it set up for the connection. That wills cuts down on some of the time. I pop the meter out. Run the wire into the house in to the box.

Thank you.
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Some utilities may be different, but most I am familiar with will come to your home and perform the connection at the weatherhead. They don't charge for this in my area. The same with the meter. It is usually illegal for anyone but the utility to pull your meter, even including licensed electrical professionals.

I did three things first. Called my village hall and asked if I was allowed to do my own electrical, (they said yes and I got my permit), called the utility and asked what they required and what they would do and what I was responsible for doing) and both of these entities said I would need an electrical inspection, so I called the code enforcement folks and applied for the inspection. Once these things were done and I was armed with information, I went shopping and went to work.

The arrangements and data gathering must come first or you will most likely screw yourself.

My $0.02.

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I think SOMBODYS pullin our collective leg.
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Huh?? What appears to be leg pullin'?


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