Home study course in Electrical

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Home study course in Electrical

What do some of you think about Home study course in Electrical?
Home study course in Electrical cost $800.00 @ $35.00 a m you go work with A Lic Electrical
And your area for hands on once you complete your course. I get question answer when I email the school or talk on the phone. Take test on line.
A local school won't $13,000.

See my other post on career change. Just looking for advice.

thank you
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I wouldn't do it. Nothing compares to working with equipment first hand with an instructor guiding you.I suggest looking into apprenticeships in your area.Your pesent employer may even pay for it,then transfer you to the maintenance dept.{if it applies to the situation} when completed.You can also get low interest student loans or grants for trade schools so the cost will be reduced. Good luck
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After I graduated from high school I took a home study course in basic electronics. It lasted over a year. It's harder than it looks to actually stick with something for that long. In the end I completed the course, got a certificate, then went to the federal building in Chicago to take the FCC first class commercial license test. I didn't pass the first time, but got the second class license. I passed the first class test on my second try about 6 months later. After receiving that license I was able to get a job as a transmitter engineer with a local TV station. That was in the late 60's. I went on to be a chief engineer for several radio stations and still use that basic education today even though I don't work in broadcasting anymore. You can never go wrong by investing in yourself. The biggest obstacle you face is none other than yourself. If you haven't got a clear idea of exactly what you are trying to accomplish by taking the electronics course you will find it very difficult to complete. In my case I knew that I wanted a job at a radio & TV station even before I started the course. Most likely your ambitions are different but you still need to have a strong desire to improve yourself and a clear understanding of just what kind of job you are striving for to succeed. If you have that, then go the home study route. Go to a regular school if you only have a general idea that you'd like to be in electronics.
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Home coruse

(jughead) I like the Home couse. Because I have my FCC Amateur Radio Operator License. In that home study. Soon I will be working on my last license that would be the extra class License.
Below is Electrican coures. I can do most of this now. I rewired my house. And did work for other friends. The wife can help with the math she use to tech it. thinks

Instruction Module 1
Learning Strategies
Getting Started as an Electrician

Instruction Module 2
Working Safely with Electricity
Electricians' Tools
Practical Exercise: Electrical Fundamentals
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Safe Use of Hand Tools"
Circuit Analyzer Tool
Parts Kit for Electrical Fundamentals

Instruction Module 3
Nature of Electricity
Electrical Equipment, Part 1
Electrical Equipment, Part 2
Practical Exercise: Installing Electrical Equipment
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Installing Switches, Receptacles, and Lampholders"
Combination Wiring Tool
Screwdriver Set
Safety Goggles
Parts Kit for Installing Electrical Equipment

Instruction Module 4
Working with Conduit
Math for the Trades
Practical Exercise: Conduit and Conductors
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Doing Conduit Work"
Equipment: Parts Kit for Conduit and Conductors

Instruction Module 5
Wiring Electrical Components, Part 1
Wiring Electrical Components, Part 2
Circuit Analysis and Ohm's Law
Working with Multimeters
Practical Exercise: Working with Circuits
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Special Wiring Applications"
Digital Multimeter
Parts Kit for Working with Circuits

Instruction Module 6
Electric Lamps, Part 1
Electric Lamps, Part 2
Lighting Control
Interior and Exterior Lighting Practices
Practical Exercise: Electrical Lighting

Instruction Module 7
Electric Heating
Controls for Air Conditioning
Reading Electrical Schematic Diagrams
Practical Exercise: Wiring HVAC Circuits
Learning Aid: HVAC System Schematic

Instruction Module 8
Electrical Blueprint Reading
Wiring Electrical Circuits
Practical Exercise: Advanced Electrical Work

Instruction Module 9
The National Electrical Code
NEC Graded Project
Learning Aid: Residential Wiring Diagram
National Electrical Code
Understanding the NEC
Supplement: Work Experience Option

Instruction Module 10
DC Motor and Generator Theory
Industrial Direct Current Motors
Industrial Alternating Current Motors
Local Distribution of Electrical Power
Underground Power Systems
Practical Exercise: Working with Motors

Instruction Module 11
Troubleshooting Electrical Systems
Electrical Estimating
The Business of Electrical Contracting
Textbook: Electrical Estimating
Graduation Module
(Sent when all program requirements and obligations have been met.)
Journeyman Exam Preparation Guide
Electrician's Toolbox Manual
Electrical Tester
Electrician's Tool Pouch
Circuit Breaker Identifier
Insulated Screwdriver Set
Electrician's Hammer
Lineman's Pliers
Pliers Set
Electrician's Knife
BX Cutter
Fish Tape
Tape Measure
Conduit Bender 1/2" Head
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Well being a ham is a good start and shows some interest in electronics. I've been a ham for 40 years, an amateur extra for 25. The course outline you included seems to cover most of what you need to know to get started. All you have to do now is to actually complete the course....that's always the hard part. It's tough to study when you've already had a hard day at work and all you want to do is veg out in front of the tube with a beer.
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that wright

My call letter are KA3VVV ham over 10 years

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