Career change Truck Driver to Electrician

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Career change Truck Driver to Electrician

Age 34 no kidís career now is a Truck Driver would like to make a career change before I have them.
Drove truck for 6 years. Always have the lover to become an Electrician.
I have Basic Electrical & Electronics Knowledge. Just got stuck in the big trucks. Had to get a job 6 years ago that was it or be stuck at circuit city installing car stereo and alarms @ age 34. O yea stop driving the truck for about 6 moths in became a telephone installer. The company was sub contract for Bell Atlantic. That was where I learned all my fishing.
That was going to stay there was the close up shop. So guess what I went back to the big truck. I like installing I do a lot of it on the side for friends and family.
Ian not to trying to tell my life story here. Just wonít some other advice and who have did the same thing.
Came from other jobs to become Electrician. Thank you.
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hey becoming a sparky is a rewarding carrer. it is very engerizing and currently we are in high demand. good luck and I believe that thompson has a very good home study course they will teach yoiu the basics and a little bit more heady stuff than pcdi . also try they have good boks to

good luck

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Not to take any of the wind out of your sails...but, the trades are very physically demanding. Your body only has so many good years in it. I am almost 40 and I feel it every day after being in the trade for over 16 years.
Kind of like sports, starting off at 34 is starting off at a handicap.
If you are in good physical shape and in good health I say go for it. If you were into your 40's I might say it's kind of late.
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Out of curiosity, how long does a home study program last. And, do you have to do anything after you finish your home study?
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(HVACELECT) I had pcdi for a week. I need question ask. No one never retruned my phone calls or email. I mad I paid like $40.00 called them said I wount my money back. I have 1 book from them. They tryed to get $80 to stop the program. I said called over in over no one called me back. They say will wave it. You can keep the book.
I like Thompson Call with a question it some there to answer the phone in if they help, the instructor will call or email me in one day.

(Speedy Petey) I think Iam in sape I go to the gym at lest 3 time a week try some times.

(ker) It a year program but they give you 2 years
program consists of 11 Instruction Modules
Instruction Module 1
Learning Strategies
Getting Started as an Electrician

Instruction Module 2
Working Safely with Electricity
Electricians' Tools
Practical Exercise: Electrical Fundamentals
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Safe Use of Hand Tools"
Circuit Analyzer Tool
Parts Kit for Electrical Fundamentals

Instruction Module 3
Nature of Electricity
Electrical Equipment, Part 1
Electrical Equipment, Part 2
Practical Exercise: Installing Electrical Equipment
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Installing Switches, Receptacles, and Lampholders"
Combination Wiring Tool
Screwdriver Set
Safety Goggles
Parts Kit for Installing Electrical Equipment

instruction Module 4
Working with Conduit
Math for the Trades
Practical Exercise: Conduit and Conductors
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Doing Conduit Work"
Equipment: Parts Kit for Conduit and Conductors

Instruction Module 5
Wiring Electrical Components, Part 1
Wiring Electrical Components, Part 2
Circuit Analysis and Ohm's Law
Working with Multimeters
Practical Exercise: Working with Circuits
Learning Aid: Videotape: "Special Wiring Applications"
Digital Multimeter
Parts Kit for Working with Circuits

Instruction Module 6
Electric Lamps, Part 1
Electric Lamps, Part 2
Lighting Control
Interior and Exterior Lighting Practices
Practical Exercise: Electrical Lighting

Instruction Module 7
Electric Heating
Controls for Air Conditioning
Reading Electrical Schematic Diagrams
Practical Exercise: Wiring HVAC Circuits
Learning Aid: HVAC System Schematic

Instruction Module 8
Electrical Blueprint Reading
Wiring Electrical Circuits
Practical Exercise: Advanced Electrical Work

Instruction Module 9
The National Electrical Code
NEC Graded Project
Learning Aid: Residential Wiring Diagram
National Electrical Code
Understanding the NEC
Supplement: Work Experience Option

Instruction Module 10
DC Motor and Generator Theory
Industrial Direct Current Motors
Industrial Alternating Current Motors
Local Distribution of Electrical Power
Underground Power Systems
Practical Exercise: Working with Motors

Instruction Module 11
Troubleshooting Electrical Systems
Electrical Estimating
The Business of Electrical Contracting
Textbook: Electrical Estimating
Graduation Module
(Sent when all program requirements and obligations have been met.)
Journeyman Exam Preparation Guide
Electrician's Toolbox Manual
Electrical Tester
Electrician's Tool Pouch
Circuit Breaker Identifier
Insulated Screwdriver Set
Electrician's Hammer
Lineman's Pliers
Pliers Set
Electrician's Knife
BX Cutter
Fish Tape
Tape Measure
Conduit Bender 1/2" Head
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I hear this talk about home study courses. Don't you have to have like 1500 hours under the tutilage of a master electrician? If I can just take a test to get an electrical contractor's liscense sign me up!! No problemo.
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get liscense around here

To get your liscense in philadelphia Pa you can do 1 year of school in 3 years working for a liscense electrican. Or 4 years with a liscense electrican.
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You need to investigate the licensing path for the localities you plan to work in.

As to health and conditioning, it's all about your knees. If you aren't a big blimp or a jock who blew out his knees you shouldn't have that much trouble.

Everything is going plastic; everything is getting lighter, not heavier.

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