Old Junction Box Dilemma


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Old Junction Box Dilemma

I need to replace a ceiling light. The current junction box is an old style box with a center post. I figure that its probably 20+ years old, judging by its condition.

Since most new lights use the newer style junction box where the support bracket mounts to the corner posts of the junction box I figured I would quickly replace the box.

The issue I have is that the current junction box has several conduits of wire feeding in. One particular feed has wire coming in on and going right back out unspliced into another feed/conduit. The wire is very tight and I can't seem to pull enough to successfully splice the wire. Without cutting the wire I can't replace the junction box.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I might be able to handle this? Is there an adaptor I can fit onto the center post to convert it into a side post light?
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You don't need to replace the box. There are various adaptors available to adapt that box to your needs. I suggest taking a clear picture of the box to a good local hardware store, and they will fix you up with what you need, most likely a strap with a threaded center hole.
ps- that box style is common for hanging heavy fixtures.
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Yes there are a variety of adapters and straps that,either alone or in combination should solve your problem.Also many people do not realize that electrical posts,fittings etc are almost entirely based on plumbing sizes and fittings.Most commonly used is 1/8 pipe thread which is the smaller fine threaded tubing often found in lamps and fixtures.Also used and more commonly found in boxes especially older ones are fittings in 1/4 and 3/8 pipe thread.Rarely even 1/2 pipe thread has been used.As the other poster said,go to a hardware store to get advice and assistance as those who work in the big box stores have little knowledge in this area and are usually unaware that pipe thread is envolved.Can't tell you how often customers have told me that in HD or Lowes the help told them they had nothing for them and it turned out a pipe fitting solved the problem.Also look for fastener setups by Midwest Fastener for several drawers full of a wide variety of adapters which you'll only find at a hardware store.

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