Neighbors AC causes my lights to dim?


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Neighbors AC causes my lights to dim?

I live in a new construction single family home. When my next door neighbors AC unit turns on the lights in my home dim briefly. Is this normal? Can it be corrected? Thanks for any insight.
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It is most likely normal. The starting load (called LRA or Locked Rotor Amps) of a central A/C compressor can be 70+ amps. Since you and your neighbor are almost certainly being fed power from the same transformer, a sudden load increase of that magnitude is going to cause a momentary voltage drop on your service too. Probably not much to be done about it unless the problem becomes severe...
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Call your power company and complain. They can upgrade the transformer if they want, and your job is to make them want to do it.
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If all else fails .Tell them they need a start kit on the AC there.

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I would think that the transformer would have been sized according to the anticipated load. If it's a new construction development, wouldn't those calculations be fairly recent, making the PoCo less willing to make a change?

Still, can't hurt to try--I have found the people at my PoCo surprisingly willing to go out of their way to help (though that's usually at the individual engineer level, not the corporate decision-making level).

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