Main Panel Wimpy


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Main Panel Wimpy

My main panel is tiny. 16 slots total, not even a main panel box from the looks of it, and its packed solid! I have no big ticket electric appliances, i have a gas clothes dryer, gas range, oil heat, few window ac units for summer. I hav 100A service and I saw a 100A 30 slot main panel in Lowes for really cheap, any reasons anyone can think of as to why this wouldnt be my best choice for increasing capacity? I live in a 3bedroom dutch colonial (single)house and an electrician once said i probably dont draw more than 30 amps total at any given time.
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I would normally recommend upgrading to 200 amps no if ands or buts. BUT, in your circumstance, I would say that wouldn't be money well spent if you plan to live there a long time.

Now, if you start adding more cicruits for heavy motorized tools, table saws, hot tub, pool, welder, etc.. etc... I would say that you should upgrade to 200 amps.

So, I would say, if you are going to add a few small circuits, upgrading to that new panel would not be a waste of money and a good idea. Besides that, it gives you another project to do.

Good Luck!

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